i keep him around bc he’s adorable


trying to figure out how the frozens would be at cooking n baking, spawned from how i feel like anna and elsa are both equally terrible. 

elsa’s the sort of person who follows the recipe to the letter and triple checks that she’s done everything right and gets the measurements exact and yet it still comes out inedible and she doesn’t understand how it keeps happening.  she’s trying so hard.  she’s doing it just as they say.  why isn’t it working.

anna would probably be able to do alright if she actually ever bothered to follow recipes, but she’s the sort of person who eyeballs everything and improvs as she goes.  except she doesn’t have that magic talent that makes it all work out regardless so she keeps producing these monstrosities without ever learning from her mistakes.  she just doesn’t get why this isn’t working.  time to try again!  (in the bg, the kitchen staff are sobbing.  she’s been in here for three days.  they are going to run out of supplies if someone doesn’t stop her)

kristoff is a surprisingly good cook, though everything he makes tends to be on the simple side.  it all tastes great tho.  he’s kinda embarrassed about it but likes it when ppl enjoy his food and compliment him on it.  he likes cooking for ppl too and does so often, imagine him doing the emiya shirou thing except actually enjoying it

beyond any and all expectations olaf is really good at baking.  he loves it!  it’s so much fun.  sometimes he likes to help the castle staff out, or he’ll put sweets together for anna and elsa.  no one really understands how he manages to be so good at this.  he has to be careful bc of how hot kitchens can get tho

hans has never so much as touched a cooking utensil in his life and has no desire to, ever.  if he ever were to try his hand at making anything tho, it’d come out terrible, and he would be SO OFFENDED but also genuinely surprised by the fact that it didn’t work perfectly on his first try

sven’s a reindeer

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